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Hoteliers' Soft Skills - a Hospitality Magical Realism - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

Contemporary environment is characterized by a process of Economy globalization that has changed the ways of business competition. Globalization has put within the reach of any company the same competitive resources. The Hotel companies have seen their products and services turned into commodities, this way losing its distinctive ability...

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A Good Hotel to Work is a Good Hotel to Stay - By Osvaldo Torres Cruz

As an old marketing axiom says a company with happy employees represents a company with happy customers. If the Hotel is a good place to work, will then be a good place to stay and to be able to rely on the success of a well deserved holiday.

The Hospitality is an industry that, fortunately for those who work in it, is constantly booming. However, this growth makes the market sector, which offers all its products and associated services, has become one of the most competitive.

The above leads us to consider that the hoteliers should be focused on finding strategies that will enable them to differentiate themselves in the marketplace to attract the attention from their core customer, the guest. Many and varied have been the marketing strategies in promotional and advertising campaigns, mostly based on the quality of the hotel product and services.

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